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Please send a postal money payable to "PRECISION WEIGHING BALANCES". Your local US Post Offices offers Postal Money orders for amounts up to $700.00 cost only 80 cents. The post office accepts ATM cards and cash for these postal money orders. Send your postal money order along with this completed form to:


30 South Cross Road , BRADFORD , MA 01835

PHONE: 978-521-7095

FAX: 978-374-5568

Most orders under 3 lbs. shipped by US Priority Mail

Delivery with Priority Mail is 3 to 4 days.

For people wishing to purchase items via mail order please use this form here:

  • You don't have a credit card
  • You want the parcel shipped to an address other than where the credit card monthly statement is mailed every month (sending the scale to a friend as a gift, you're at college and your credit card is billed to your parent's home, etc.) Usually, we sent you an e-mail stating we could not process the order unless the parcel was shipped to the exact same address
  • No credit card orders accepted for the item(s) you wish to purchase some scales because of the high amount of attempted fraudulent credit card purchases. Also, No COD orders available for these items either.

To understand why our prices are so low and why we only accept postal money orders click here. Please print this order form out and fill in the applicable areas. Send your postal money order payable to "Precision Weighing Balances" along with this completed order form

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Have Questions? Call 978-521-7095 or e-mail us your questions and we will assist you in your selection.